We invest in and grow with founders that are deeply purpose driven

It’s simple. Our goal is to enable your company’s growth.

Being entrepreneurs in growth companies, combined with the knowledge and experience earned from working closely with start-ups and scale-ups – we offer you the network and venture partnership needed to expand your business. When your organization has reached that threshold that seems difficult, if not impossible, to overcome, we’ll offer you key knowledge in essential fields for growing your business and help you accelerate sustainable growth. 


At Gritstack you’ll find beneficial tools for companies at different stages. As a venture partner, we offer you support in areas such as CFO, CTO, CMO/CRO, programming, administrative support, and much more. By partnering up with Gritstack, entrepreneurs can focus on what’s most important: running the core business.

We look for founders with traction for their business ideas. Traction can be seen in many areas: it could be a proven market fit, or a founding team with in-depth knowledge relevant for their venture.

We know that only companies with a truly sustainable business model will survive and thrive in today's world. That's the kind of venture we want to help grow.

A common trait among companies that we work with is having a high workload. If requested, we can act solely as advisers, but our mission is to be company builders; helping your business more efficiently and effectively by working side by side with the entrepreneurs. 


Being a venture partner, we also offer financial investments depending on the size and development of your company. For start-ups and smaller businesses, we have developed a custom-made growth program, with customer-guaranteed performance value. For larger companies, that have evolved further, we'll invest time and/or money depending on your needs and our businesses' shared interests. 

We see a great value in accelerating sustainable growth for ventures with promising potential.


If you feel the same, please give us a call.