CTO Partner

You are most likely to look at this page because you have a business or idea, but you are missing technical knowledge! In the same time it's hard to find assistence that you can trust. That's where we come here to help you. You need a person that will be there with all his heart as it is his own company. That's why we change way of work - sit on the same side of table as partners! 

Tube Lights

Set a MVP or a plan for your company to move forward. 
Have external opinion on current architecture and technologies you use and get vision how to improve it for your unique business idea

Copying Down

Security is important for any size of company. Keep an eye on your security holes and oversee risks you could run into before they occure


Track your devlopment, processes, quality and know how to improve it.

Customer Support Agent
End-to-end support

Have person you trust on your side to make or assist in technical decisions for company. Have CTO as partner that will be with you on your jorney