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Building a great culture in the team

How to build the foundation of a successful team, part 3.

As it is rightly said - ‘ If you want to ENLIST people onto your vision, you have to LISTEN.’ For building the right culture for your team you must recognize how to set the tone. Your company’s culture is a reflection of your strengths. Let your enthusiasm inspire team energy and let your self discipline serve as a guide to channeling that power. So be the example you want others to follow.

There is something special that happens when the team becomes greater than the sum of individuals. So you need to get the right people and put grace under the fire while managing things.

Build safety: Create an environment where people feel safe and secure and really can express themselves and not being afraid of doing mistakes.

Establish purpose: The team should align around common goals and values, with a clear path forward. Creating a strongly purpose driven culture is key.

Remember that everyday people are looking for signals in their environment about what the norms are. So as a leader , your everyday actions define your workplace culture.

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