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Businesses attracting investors post pandemic

We currently live in the times where every aspect of our lives has been touched and affected by the pandemic, including our personal and our business lives. The world of Venture capital is no exception to this. The first challenge for the startups all over the world was to survive the pandemic and now it is to see and plan for their future lying ahead post covid. The NVCA stated in one of its reports, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”, as they have expected the investments to take a downside.

While this may be partially true, losing hope is something that no startup can afford right now. A lot of VC’s will take this time to do more of a reappraisal of their current portfolios than taking up new deals. However, some startups are still well in place to garner some support in the funding sphere. Now the question is , how to fall in that particular sphere to receive the funding for advancing ahead post covid times. Today’s article is about the industries which are likely to receive the most funding post covid era.

In our last article we had talked about how restaurants were getting revived by startup apps by providing them a bigger and larger customer base through online delivery and takeaway services. So online food delivery business is one of those startups which venture capital companies would have their eye on. No one would prefer , in many parts of the world where population is an issue, to go to the restaurants and dine in. Rather, they would gladly get it delivered at their home or pick it up to eat at home. It would be something that will attract the investors.

Similarly education platforms, with online education will be the key area for investors to bet on as digital learning and personalised coaching takes new form and shape in the current situation. An Indian startup Byju’s has given free access to their students till April 2021, which increased their number of students many times. (Source:- The seeping of technology in education was slow but with pandemic around, parents are attracted to online classes rather than sending their kids to schools. So the online education industry is going to attract a lot of customers.

Medicine and hospital industry would be another such area. Nowadays clinics and hospitals have been really crowded and people have dreaded to be a part of that crowd. They have preferred to take prescription online for any medical condition. So telemedicine is coming into the picture now. A large number of investors will be attracted to place their bet on startups working in this area.

Some other such areas could be goods delivery, online workout industry, online content industry, drone based solutions for sanitation, farming etc. or any such business that reduces physical human interaction.

So even after the push down in the investments from venture capitals during covid times, it is not like that there is no scope of funding at all. But if the businesses continue to integrate with this social impact angle, they might continue to not just survive but excel in the post covid world of business.

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