• Anshita Kapoor

Characteristics of fast growing companies : Part 2


'Opportunities' is a big part of making business.There are big differences in how people address opportunities , whether you wait for the opportunity to come to you or you study the environment and find an opportunity. The owners of fast growing companies are the latter ones. This difference in the treatment of opportunity, makes them what they are.

Now here comes the tricky part. You can neither be too much after it , nor can you be too aloof. You have to find the right balance. We can talk about the do’s and don'ts of this. You can be one of those entrepreneurs who are very vigilant for any chance that might come their way. But try not to be the one who forgets about the importance of that particular chance as soon as they have got it in their hands.

Try to read between the lines. Do not just keep waiting for the right opportunity to fall into your lap. Depending totally upon your luck for a chance is not the core characteristic of an owner of a successful business.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that challenges are lessons and opportunities for greater growth. Because the businesses start too quickly and they come to an end even quicker, if every opportunity is not handled properly.

There is one other thing that might disguise as the opportunity, and that is connections and relationships. One needs to think and grab the opportunity. Your connection with others can only help you initially but ultimately it is your hard work and diligence that takes you forward. A smart business owner understands that it is not really wise to depend on that entirely. As it is not something that will not form the base for a sustainable growth.

And above all, in the process of grabbing opportunities try to stay honest and real. Do not use shady tactics for any sort of short term success. Finding a good chance is still easy, but expanding that with your talent for the overall growth of your business is tougher comparatively. With a perfect balance of all the qualities discussed above one can seize the day.

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