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Creating a bullet proof digital sales funnel : Panel Discussion

While working remotely’ is becoming the new normal, businesses have started to acknowledge this with open arms. This has led them to leveraging on the popularity of online platforms to promote their goods and services, because the consumers are going to be there approximately all the time.

Gritstack realized this rather quickly and started to use digital platforms for the marketing and other business related processes. Continuing in the same direction, Gritstack is now going to be a part of a panel discussion , focusing on the advantages of online marketing and sales.

The panel is going to talk about :-

1. How to set up a sales team and kickstart your digital sales journey.

2. What are good & bad copywriting examples?

3. What is the best salestech setup you can have.

4. Best practise hacks / processes for combining digital sales with digital marketing.

The discussion will really help one to implement the new normal in their daily business lives. The point that it costs you much less, gives you a huge return, it is easy to share, adjust and measure, and has a greater audience engagement , makes online platform a better place for promoting and expanding your business.

Join Mr. Jesper Stenmark, Founder & Commercial Development Lead of Gritstack, along with Adrian McDonald (moderator) – Partner of Epicenter & Result and Oscar Collins – CEO & Co-founder of Zaplify, for this panel discussion.

Time :- (Thursday) 12:00 - 12:45

Location :- Technium, Epicenter Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36.

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