• Anshita Kapoor

How to create new leads through Linkedin

We talk about the word ‘sales’ really frequently in our day to day lives. We work in a company and hope to make the best of sales in whichever field it is functioning in, because we know that our future depends on that. We go to any store and become a contributor in their sales, where they are hoping for the same thing and make their best efforts for us to buy their product. So the sales process revolves around all of us.

Now with the pandemic times around us this process is a wee bit altered now. We do not get to meet the client face to face that much now. The physical interaction has dropped to a large percentage but we can not afford that kind of drop in the sales process. Because your clients are not going to wait for you and are definitely not interested in knowing how much you had been affected by the crisis. They have a lot of options available in the market. So you have to change your game and take your best shot at the online platform. In today’s article we are going to talk about how one can create sales leads through Linkedin’s sales navigator, one the most important online jobs and sales platform.

There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you start creating the prospective sales leads :-

1- What kind of customers do you want?

2- How much geographical expansion do you want/need?

3- Is the sales hunt going to be industry specific?

4- What would be the probability of a positive response from the target clients?

First of all ,decide your territory! and by that we mean that you should be able to define how vast you want your client's reach area to be. So ‘geography’ should be your first filter. Now this is a bit tricky. Increasing the number of areas in this filter does not increase the potential client search outcome. On the contrary, it might affect the search adversely. So be smart in setting the geography filter. Try to pick areas where you can actually provide a good service to your clients and most importantly, you would be able to find the kind of customer base you need.

Next comes the kind of companies/clients you want to add to your network. By that we mean, selecting the types of industries. For example- if your company is about environment and sustainability, you would want to add people to your network, who are related to that, and are active in the same field. So you put the appropriate filters in that segment. it comes under the filter name ‘industry type’.

Another two very important filters are:- keyword and size of the company. In a way they are co related. If you are looking for startups as your contact then the company size would presumably be small. This may mean a company size of 1-10, 11-50, at the max. Now if you choose startups of this strength, your contact point may be or rather should be the founders, co-founder, owner etc. ,making these your ‘keywords’. Similarly, if you move towards a bigger company size, your point of contact changes. It then might not be the founder or the owner of the company, which of course changes the selection of the keyword.

There are some other filters also, like - groups, tags, some other company filters, role and tenure filters that can be used , depending on how deep and particular you want to be in your sales lead search. These are certain steps that we are sharing based on our experience while creating sales leads. Hope this helps :)

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