• Anshita Kapoor


There are four main pillars for that as discussed in the previous four articles: - Decision making, hiring the best people, building a great culture, and last but not the least , correct evaluation of employees.

Now we all know that you always have to keep betting when you are an entrepreneur. Make principles out what of your mistakes teach you. Communication is the key after all and one should always discuss their opinions within the team before reaching to a final decision.

Your job as an owner starts way before that with the selection of a team that can add to this success journey. Identifying the doers from sayers, selecting equally passionate candidates, also continuously nurturing them when they are onboard.

Your team gets all the energy from your attitude. So building the correct environment for an enthusiastic and healthy team is in your hands. You are the example that your team follows. There is something special that happens when the team becomes greater than the sum of individuals. Build safety and then establish a purpose for your team.

And finally keep rewarding your team for what they are doing as a part of the organization. It does not always have to be materialistic, but a good appraisal every now and then is also a nice gesture.Tell them that you are aware of their hard work. To feel fully satisfied and competent, employees need to feel that they are valued and are producing good work.

So to sum it all up, to build the base of a successful team , it needs a lot of effort as an owner. One has to constantly make sure that all the employees are on track and are working in the same line with the goals of the company. You don’t just learn this art, but the diligence and the will to keep going ,keeps you right on the path and the goals that you set become achievable after all.

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