• Ansis Bērziņš

Interview with Ansis - Gritstack's Co founder/ CTO/ IT operations Manager.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Please tell a little bit more about your role in Gritstack and what your responsibilities be as a CTO at Gritstack?

"In Gritstack we provide power for companies to grow. It could be a startup with just an idea, or a company that want to scale up. As a CTO I'm here to help companies reach their goal and overcome technical challenges they have on the way. My primary focus is to provide technical guidance and support, like:

- Plan - define minimum viable product (MVP), clarify business vision and set plan to achieve it

- Operations - lead infrastructure, adjust organizational structure and evaluate candidates

- Development - guid development team to reach higher productivity

We are also looking to grow our in-house development team. To provide immediate development support when clients are short on in-house resources or want to boost development speed!"

What made you team up with others at Gritstack?

"Previously I worked as CTO in Fintech startup and met Erik who was a CFO. He introduced me with Jesper and whole Gritstack model. Idea of Gritstack - to help companies with skills they are missing right away, is great! This allow companies to accelerate their business without having to invest lot of time and energy to find missing skills. That's always an exciting time when you make something significant, so I'm happy that I can join and give my knowledge to those who want to grow!"

In what do you see in future when it comes to technical development and what will be important to have a competitive edge?

"One of my favorite motto is: "Simplicity is the key to success". Often we overcomplicate simple things without intention to do that. Complexity in software means more time to build a features, grow development team just to keep same productivity, never ending bugs, and in the end cost is too high to keep it and only way is to rebuild. To protect that, companies need to have technically strong person around early, that can keep it simple on development level and even more important on business level. Once this is in place, company can look at next level on how to grow up development team."

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