• Anshita Kapoor

Interview with Pēteris Bērziņš

Please tell a little bit more about your role and responsibility as a

junior frontend developer in Gritstack.

Every company, whether it is a start-up or a company with experience,

must be able to interest its prospective customers and partners.

Gritstack's desire is to help companies grow with their experience and

knowledge. Share and suggest the best solutions in different directions. As

a front end developer, my job is to help companies create easy-to-use user

interface, for customers in websites, mobile apps or software.

What made you want to join Gritstack?

I learned about Gritstack from an acquaintance who interested me in

looking them up via Linkedin. I liked Gritstack´s blog post about "Building a great

culture in the team," which appealed to me. After talking to the CTO and

getting to know their business model and interesting projects, I decided to

join the team. Working on multiple projects can be challenging, but it also

helps me develop and improve my knowledge. The company also

creatively solves various issues and situations. It is easy to be part of a

team that is responsive and approachable.

What do you see in future when it comes to technical

development and what will be important to have a competitive


The end user will be the one who will evaluate our work. We need to make

apps transparent, easy to use, and attractive in design. There will always

be competition and we must be one step ahead with our product, offering

innovative but at the same time, convenient solutions. More active

communication with customers will play an increasing role. Helping them

find the product or information they want faster.

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