• Anshita Kapoor

Making work from home interesting for employees

After so many months into the pandemic situation, a lot of people have returned to their workplaces with all the precautions , while a lot of other people are still working from home. Many companies have been able to manage well remotely. But looking from an employees point of view, this work from home might have become monotonous by now if they are not engaged properly , apart from through serious work meetings. So today we are going to talk about online activities that can keep the employees positively engaged and thrilled about joining their office.

First of all maintaining a routine is very important. Being at home and working should not mean disrupted schedules. Every employee should be joining the office on assigned office timing. This will be beneficial for their professional as well as personal front. As by doing this their work will not hamper their personal time with their family and their family time will not lessen their productivity.

Now since they are not meeting any of their colleagues physically, there could be a difficulty in maintaining their bonding and interaction. Here, team bonding activities play a very important role. This is very tricky. Doing these activities just for the sake of it can show an adverse effect if they are boring! So the managers have to be very careful about choosing them. Organise activities which might require proper interaction and each others help. Fun video meetings are also a very good idea.

Creating a virtual office environment is very important. Like scheduling virtual coffee breaks at certain intervals, or water cooler chats etc. Now while you are having these breaks, your employees can chat casually on their screens so they don't miss the office. You can also add guidelines like no one will use their phones at that time and just enjoy their coffee.There can be online board games and karaoke hours also. Anything that makes your employee thrilled and excited.

Employee recognition should also take place every once in a while through an online chatting platform. Like praising someone on a platform where all other employees could read and get motivated by it. So basically it is very important that even if people are working from home, they still must feel the presence of their offices and office colleagues in their lives. This will keep their spirits high and increase their productivity for long term.

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