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No matter how large or small a company is, teams are vital to businesses these days, to maximise productivity and profitability, if dealt with the kind of attention and importance they need. It is absolutely imperative for employers to nurture team spirit in the modern workplace. That being said, employees should make the effort to connect with their team as much as possible as well.

We at Gritstack value that! Our team’s greatest strength is undoubtedly the combination of skills that we have in form of our team members. Our main focus is to have an open communication from both the ends. We make sure that we talk about whatever we are feeling and even assist each other when any one is struggling either professionally or personally.

It can take a while to cultivate but, like any other skill, teamwork can be developed over time if both employer and employees commit to it completely. The team at Gritstack understands that individuals who feel they’re able to put forth their own ideas and debate working practices will be happier and less likely to leave the company. We also understand that keeping staff in the loop prior to any major business decisions helps to make them feel valued professionally. That is why we have cultivated the culture of Gritstack’s daily watercooler chat! We make sure that we meet online daily for certain minutes and talk about what is going on in our daily lives.

We are attaching hereby an image showing the happy faces at Gritstack!

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