• Anshita Kapoor


We are starting a new series about the characteristics of a fast growing company. There are a lot of them but we have picked a few that we think are really really important. We will talk about 'The Vision' in this article.

“Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success.”- Pablo Picasso.

Vision can be hard to talk about, but it's important to understand. When team members believe in the vision of a company, they are much more likely to tie their individual values to that shared vision. Now it is important to understand that the Vision is different from the mission. Mission describes what your business does today, while a vision describes what you hope to accomplish by executing on that mission. For ex. One’s Vision can be to create a transparent market but ones mission on the other hand can be to help entrepreneurs thrive by giving them the capital and resources they need.

While crafting the vision of a company it is very important to keep certain points in mind like - dreaming big, being passionate, consistent, communicating and involving employees in the process. This captivates your investor, internal and external consumers. The persistent drive of visionaries and their openness to changing the world creates an internal culture of collaboration, focus, and trust. This in turn sets the stage for innovation. When Walt Disney first shared his idea , everyone thought that it was not going to be a success and a waste of money and time. But this vision and passion proved them wrong. As soon as the company starts growing, value pulls the organization, and vision begins to trails behind. This shift puts functional, measurable processes before emotional, vision-driven models. This focus on eliminating the risk sometimes actually backfires and makes the company irrelevant in the current scenario. ‘Kodak’ company is one such example.

Do not compromise the culture and vision of an organization. This can mean losing purpose and meaning. People inside and outside the company, including consumers, become uninspired, and there is no community of collective desire. The vision always reflects your values so it is very important to retain it. An authentic idea that inspires everyone around it makes a company successful.

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