In Gritstack you'll find the tools for enabling your company's growth. Contact us for help with:

  • Create MVP for your start-up

  • Create a scalable sales process

  • Automated accounting & administration adapted for fast growth

  • Boost IT-Development resources to reach commercial goals

  • Financial preparation and modelling before capital round

Below you can read about three of the companies we have worked with.

Our ventures

Issue: Abundo entered a growth phase, where the need of a growth stage CFO was rapidly increasing.


Solution: Erik at Gritstack is providing Abundo with the competence they need as a part time CFO, aiding the CEO with different tasks like:

  • Preparation of materials for the board

  • Presentations for the management and the board

  • Financial modelling and planning

  • An overlook and consolidation of the accounting

  • Treasury (strategic and practical cash management), local and international

  • Strategic planning for growth, leading to corporate sales

  • Dialogue with the company’s auditors

  • Support the finance/legal department in government contact

Issue: As an early stage company with a tremendous competence within its niche, Prosperous Planet where in need of experience and knowledge how to build a company from an early phase. This was especially eminent in the fields of business strategy, sales and administration.


Solution: Working closely both strategically and operationally with the founder Elin, Gritstack is providing Prosperous Planet with the all the tools suitable for the task at hand.