Who we are

Erik Söderberg


Investment manager

Erik has been focusing on roles within the financial part of companies. Especially CFO roles, combined with strategy, and business and product development, when collaborating closely with development teams. He has experience of board work, as well as experience from a wide range of companies, and prefers the financial challenges that comes with fintech or hardware companies.


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Ansis Bērziņš



IT-Operations Manager

Ansis has a background in FinTech. His experience is spread over different positions, from development to executive, in a wide variety of companies. This gives him the advantage of understanding the needs of businesses in different stages, and whole development processes in detail. Ansis says:

"Simplicity is the key to success! Make simple solutions to complex problems and reduce time spent dealing with obfuscation and waste"



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Anshita Kapoor

Accounting & Marketing Specialist

Anshita has handled diverse domains, including banking services, client portfolio management, MIS, marketing, sales and talent acquisition. She has worked with diversified sectors of several companies, has expertise in data handling and her key focus area is finance, accounting and marketing. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has experience from different entrepreneurial projects.


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Pēteris Bērziņš

Frontend developer


Pēteris is a music lover with an artist's soul. His experience as an electronics engineer has sharpened his mind and made him a competent problem solver. His passion for art has lead him to combine it with his engineering skills, and express his work in web development.



"Climateview has a multi-dimensional, linked business model with  a high degree of complexity. This sparks the need for advanced financial forecasting. Gritstack helped us set up the financial forecast. They also helped with communication of the model to investors and other interested actors in a correct, pragmatic and professional way. We recommend working with Gritstack! "

Einar Bodström / Co-Founder at Climate View

"Azote´s business model had a big potential to scale but it did not... There where some different barriers that we needed to pass and the main one´s where the need for many manual tasks around sales and service delivery, structural problems in the organisation, and an outdated technical platform.

Gritstack helped us find a CTO, define what we were actually trying to do, and to automate our tasks.

Gritstack are very good at what they do. And extremely good at getting things done!! "

Robert Kautsky / Founder and Partner at Azote

"Got really good input regarding our financial modeling from Erik @gritstack  ( <3 )"

Sammy-Sebastian Tawakkoli / Founder and Partner at Atomler